Testing Laboratories  

FLAMMABILITY: The following test are available  

  • FAA – FAR 25.853 Vertical Flammability Test for Aircraft Materials. 
  • FAA – FAR 25.857 Classification of cargo compartments. 
  • ASTM D 1230 Standard method for flammability testing of clothing textiles. 
  • ASTM D 6413 Flame resistance in textiles (vertical test). 
  • ASTM D 5132 Standard method for testing the horizontal burn rate of materials used in the interior behavior of motor vehicles. 
  • ASTM D 635 Standard method for burn rate and/or extension and burn time of plastics in a horizontal position 
  • ASTM D 5048 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Comparative Combustion Characteristics and Burning Resistance of Solid Plastics Using a 125 mm Flame 
  • ASTM D 4804 Standard Test Method for Determination of Flammability Characteristics of Non-rigid Solid Plastics 
  • ASTM D 3801 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Comparative Burning Characteristics of Solid Plastics in an Upright Position. 
  • ASTM D 777 Standard Test Methods for Flammability of Treated Paper and Board 
  • ASTM D 876 Standard Test Method for Non-rigid Vinyl Chloride Pipe Used for Electrical Insulation 
  • NFPA 2112 Standard Test Method for Flame Resistant Garments for Personal Protection in the Fire Industry 
  • SAE J 369 Flammability tests on interior polymeric materials, horizontal test method. 

OIL ANALYSIS: The following test are available 



  • ASTM D6595 Standard method for the determination of wear metals and contaminants and samples of oils, lubricants and hydraulic fluids used by the technique of atomic emission spectrometry with rotating disk electrode. 
  • ASTM D6728 Standard method for the determination of contaminants in fuel samples from gas turbines and diesel engines using the technique of atomic emission spectrometry with rotating disk electrodes 

METHOD FOR THE PARTICLE COUNTER (HIAC PODS: PORTABLE OIL DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM) ISO 4406 Method for coding solid particle contamination level in hydraulic fluid samples. 

  • ISO 11500 Determination of the level of particle contamination in liquid samples by means of the automatic particle counter technique using the light extinction principle.  


  • EC 156 Determination of the breakdown voltage of insulating liquids at industrial frequency, using VDE type electrodes.  
  • ASTM D877 Standard Test Method for Determination of Bursting Voltage of Insulating Liquids using Disc Electrodes  
  • ASTM D2225 Standard Test Method for Silicone Fluids Used for Electrical Insulation Determination of Rupture Voltage (Clause 17) 

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